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Keyboard and Mouse

Can you write your website yourself? Scribe some emails that will get a few clicks? Pen your own blog and social media posts? Of course you can! (Unless, maybe you skipped the 1st grade?)

But to take your brand to the next level – to really make people understand why they will 100% come out ahead if they buy from you – you need a copy specialist.


Have I got someone for you!

(Hint: you are reading her website right now.)

Adele Tongish Freelance Copywriter

Hi there! It's me, Adele.

So you want to know if I’ve got the chops to write for you, huh?

Well, yes sirree, I surely do!


Oh, my folksy declaration didn’t convince you yet?

OK, fine: I have over two decades of marketing experience, and I’ve either been writing super-strategic copy or the super strategy behind the copy every step of the way. Better?

Why you'll like working with me:

I'm a perfectionist.

(I literally dot the Is and cross the Ts.)

But this is not about me, silly! It’s about you.

You have so many ideas, and you want them all to be happening yesterday. My creativity is in simplifying things. I’ll distill down your message and communicate the laser-focused idea quickly and efficiently.


You need your words to work. I will expertly write them so you don’t have to. Period.



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