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Adele Tongish Freelance Copywriter

Elevate your brand with polished, precise, persuasive copywriting.

I don’t need to tell you this:

Attention spans are short. You need to make every word count.

But you tell me this:

I'm an OK writer, but gaaah! I just can't talk about my own brand effectively. Plus, I have no time!


So I'll tell you this:

You need me (Adele!) to distill and clarify your message with writing that:

  • Sells without sounding like a salesman.

  • Is authentic and wholly YOU.  

  • Resonates because your message is so simple.

  • Sets you apart by solving problems.

  • Positions you as the authority in your industry.

  • Holds the true value and power of your brand.

Let’s tell your story and take your brand to the next level together.

Get in touch, won't you?

Clean, concise, convincing copy. That’s my jam.

And it’s gonna get you more bread!

(Ha! See what I did there?)

How about a FREE 20-minute phone consultation where I give you FREE ideas on the areas of your business where you can make your words work more powerfully? You got it! Let's set up a call today!

Like, right now.  Do it.  Text me. 

CALL OR TEXT ME: 917.696.6029

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