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Enough about me...

Tell me about you!


My professional story

(I’ve left out the non-career stuff like the time I went scuba diving with hammerhead sharks or when I accidentally went on the flying trapeze when I was pregnant or when I left my job in advertising to backpack around Europe. All true – I’ll tell you over a cup of coffee sometime.)

  • I actually majored in advertising in college. (Admission: it’s one of my biggest life regrets. I wish I chose something more academic just for the sake of learning and becoming a more well-rounded, educated human. Because guess how you learn marketing? Through gut and experience, not books!)


  • I started my career at the last-standing-actually-on-Madison-Avenue-Mad-Men-old-school advertising agency, Young and Rubicam. I worked on pitching new business and on brands like Fisher-Price, AT&T and Sony.  (Favorite moment: chartering a private jet to Milwaukee at 1am to pitch Miller beer because our huge billboard mockups wouldn’t fit on a regular plane.) 


  • Next, I co-founded, ran and sold my own speed dating company, HurryDate. I wrote every word of our website, email funnels, social media, advertising and more for over a decade. (Yes: people really did get married after only meeting for three minutes.)


  • We sold HurryDate to the company that owns Jdate where I spent the next few years running the events and travel program across all their dating sites. (Interestingly: this half-Italian girl was the spokesperson and front-facing media contact for Jdate for a few years.)


  • Somewhere in the middle of all that I became a mom and completely and totally obsessed with what kids were missing out on with all these inescapable screens in their faces all the time. I started a company called Digitally-Balanced Families which provides education and speaking services for parents looking to find balance with technology in their home life. Check it out: (Obvious fact: my kids wish I didn’t do this.)


  • Now I’m here with my big, bad experience, primo communication, time management and organizational skills, and of course sky-high levels of creativity to help... you! (Come on: it'll be fun.)


A lot has changed in marketing since I got my start, but you know what hasn’t? Words! Your messaging is the power behind your sales. The science behind that power is emotional connection. And that hasn’t changed since the beginning of time.

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